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About InterJazz

Founded in 1994, InterJazz was the first centralized jazz information hub on the Internet.

Starting at the early days of the commercial Internet, and to this day, InterJazz provides design and hosting services to well established clubs, musicians, record labels, managements, agents, instrument rental companies and more.

We design attractive, yet easy to navigate Web sites that get the job done for our clients.

In addition to specializing in Web design and hosting for the jazz community, we also provide unparalleled exposure to jazz oriented traffic for our clients.


  • I was looking through the DIVA site and wanted to tell you that your company has done an amazing job.......INTERJAZZ is awesome! --Sherrie Maricle and DIVA
  • It looks BEAUTIFUL! GREAT WORK!!! Thanks!!! -- Dan Knight
  • This is my favorite jazz site, great graphics etc. Better than lincoln center, Better than absolute jazz, Better than jazz central, Better than anything except being in love. Thank you for such time well spent -- jsoxendine
  • It's a rap!!! Great job InterJazz! My best critics are very impressed [with my new site] along with myself! I can't wait to tell everybody and spread the word! -- Mark Gelfand
  • As always, you did a great job. The site looks great. -- Jon Regen
  • I've been hitting the Downbeat site a few times, and thought it was "pretty good", but there was always something missing. I just accessed you guys through Google, and, what a difference! Thanks for being beautiful... -- Molasses
  • [A note from a B.B. King Web site user] I just wanted to say that this website is extremely impressive. I haven't seen a more informative nor easy to use site like this ever. Who ever set it up deserves a lot of credit.Thanks for listening! -- Dianne