Ferdinando Argenti


To The Old Friendship

CD Cover
1.  Play Sqwaqwaz
2.  Copenhagen
3.  Mondiale
4.  Three Minutes Blues
5.  Play Dubbio
6.  Boston


  • Ferdinando Argenti - piano
  • Enrico Rosa - guitar



"Argenti and Rosa have created some amazing music on To the Old Friendship. The two musicians click and it shows in the byplay between them. It is good."


"While the reuniting of two old friends carries with it a certain amount of emotion, the duo's album goes much further. Ballads, blues, and fierce jazz syncopation color their meeting with powerful, straight-ahead hues. Theirs is the kind of session that you can sink your teeth into -- along with nodding head and dancing feet. "


"An entertaining and easily listened to collection of tunes. This disc is worth seeking out."


"TO THE OLD FRIENDSHIP is a highly engaging, innovative contemporary jazz collection from composers Ferdinando Argenti and Enrico Rosa. The piano and guitar solo performances are lively and creative. For an enjoyable jazz outing, TO THE OLD FRIENDSHIP is well worth your listening time. "http://www.enricorosa.com", "http://www.interjazz.com/argenti",
A nice collection and highly enjoyable. Excellent.
Record Label Website: "http://www.interjazz.com/argenti"
Artist's Website: "http://www.enricorosa.com"

--Reviewed by: Lee Prosser , The Jazz Review
To the old friendship is a very captivating classic jazz album, in which two masters of their craft and of their instruments show what they can do. Listening to it you get the sense that they inspired each other during the recording , to maximize their virtuosity. It is thrilling to follow along with this process and it turns this album to a veritable listening pleasure.
Ferdinando Argenti
--Peggy Thiele , Jazz dimensions , Germany
"To the Old Friendship" presents the high-quality music performed by real dabs. "
The musical interplay is a testimony of not only a friendship - built on more then 20 years- between the musicians , but also of a musical dialog which requires - as any other conversation - listening to each other , in order to move in the same direction.
Peter Krog
--DJEMBE #47 , Denmark
From the first notes of the album you appreciate the great skills of both masters. They have both and equally taken part in the composition of the album.
Accuracy and warmth are key words of the work. The pieces are perfectly linked and lead by both masters. The whole has a nice consistency, even though the themes tackled cover some of the numerous ramifications of jazz, like blues. The two friends offer us a classic of the best taste. Nice as a good old friendship.
"An album of delicate melodies, without any clash and with atmospheres that are full of the brotherly dialog of the two instruments , honouring the title."
"Modern jazz - refined and creative - by two old friends. Don't miss it !"

Ferdinando Argenti
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